Month: September 2015

Mt Rushmore…an explanation 

Sports magazines, blogs and radio shows have a convention that they use called “Mt Rushmore”.  They’ll take a topic and list their top 4 of said topic. For example, their Mt Rushmore of all time basketball players may be Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russel and Magic Johnson. Now, if you’re a basketball fan, you may cringe at those four picks…and that’s the idea. It gets a discussion going. If someone makes a pick that others scoff at, he/she has to defend that selection, often using statistics.

Greg and I sometimes play Mount Rushmore. I’ll send him a category, or he’ll send me one and then we’ll make our picks and rip the other person for his bad picks. It’s all in good fun. On this blog, I’ll occasionally list some of the topics we discuss and give our picks. Feel free to tell me where we’re wrong.