Mt. Rushmore of World Flags

I have always had a thing for flags, particularly flags of different nations. I like reading up on them and learning what the symbols mean. Without further ado, I present my Mt. Rushmore of world flags.



Symmetrical and not too busy, the Canadian flag is one of the world’s most recognizable

United Kingdom


The “Union Jack” is so popular that it is used as much in fashion as it is in patriotic displays.



Usually, I’m not partial to flags with religious symbols on them, but this one is too good to leave off the list. Maybe as I mentioned before, part of the reason I like this flag is the symmetry. However, I also like the color scheme.



The Maasai shield is just cool, and the spears actually up the coolness factor.

Honorable mentions

Finland (my favorite of the Scandinavian flags)


South Korea




10 thoughts on “Mt. Rushmore of World Flags

  1. I’m curious about some of your criteria. Does the flag have to be current? Also, you kept talking about personal preferences. Is it a personal top four or an “in-the-whole-scheme-of-things” list?

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