What is Australia?

We’re currently 35,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean, still about 7 hours away from Sydney. 

Before anyone knew that we were coming to Australia, we sent a text to some of our family members asking them to send us a video of their small child answering this simple question: What is Australia?
First up, Lela (5 years old)…


Leandra: What’s Australia?

Lela: Where kangaroos live. 

Not, bad. That pretty much sums it up. She remembered something else that she wanted to add…

Lela: …and where koala bears live. 

Nailed it. Great job, Lela. Here’s a koala for you 🐨. 

Jaxon (7 years old) was next…

Brandon: Okay, Jaxon. Tell me, what is Australia?

Jaxon: Australia is a dry and hot place with kangaroos and that’s about all I know. 

Good job with the “dry and hot place”. Australia is the driest inhabited continent. ☀️

Jaxon’s little sister, Jordan (3 years old), may have been listening in…

Brandon: Okay, Jordan, what is Australia?

Jordan: Water, hot water, animals. 

How cute is that! Well, she’s not wrong. 

Time for P & P (Preslee, age 5 and Paislee, age 3)

Laiken: What is Australia?

Preslee: (apparently trying to sound like some form of dinosaur) I don’t know. (Laughs)

Laiken: (to Paislee) Do you know?

Paislee: No

Laiken: Do you know what Australia is?

Paislee: (shakes head). 

We have some teaching to do when we get back. 

Finally, there’s Olivia (3 years old)…

Jaclyn: Gay and Thelton, ya know, they wanted me to ask you, what is Australia?

Olivia: I don’t know. 

Jaclyn:You don’t know what Australia is? What do you think it is?

Olivia: Amity (her hometown). 

Jaclyn: You think it’s Amity?

Olivia: Yeah. 

Jaclyn: Well, that’s weird. It’s a country. 

Olivia: COUNTRY!

Jaclyn: And you know what kind of animals live there? 

Olivia: What?

Jaclyn: Kangaroos 

Olivia: (nods)

Jaclyn: Do you know what a kangaroo is?

Olivia: What?

Jaclyn: Do you know what it is?

Olivia: (pauses) DRAGON!

Jaclyn: A dragon?

I hope we can avoid those kangaroo dragons that Olivia is referring to. If I see one, I’ll be sure to take a picture. 

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