Australian Hoochie

I’m a fan of the tv show, Martin, starring Martin Lawrence. On one particular episode, Martin lost his job as a radio dj. He subsequently went to the unemployment office, where he asked them to give him a job behind a microphone. The unemployment office responded by having him work drive through at a restaurant called “Hoochie Burger”.

Check it…

I’m going to be spending some time at the University of Sydney this week, so I looked them up. One of the housing properties there advertises a restaurant nearby. Its name? HOOCHIE MAMA CAFE! 

They even have a website!

When people come to Australia they often have things that they must see/do, like petting a koala, seeing a kangaroo, seeing the opera house, etc. However, the one thing I must do before leaving is get me a Hoochie Burger! 

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