The Big Issue at Manly

I spent the early afternoon at Manly.


Rumor has it that this area was named after me
I now rate the beach at Manly as the 2nd most beautiful beach I’ve seen. (Waikiki is number one). Just look at this…


I don’t want to leave.
 It was a fun afternoon absorbing the culture and watching street performers, including this aspiring musician…


It’s about time the ukelele made a comeback
I also got to meet Peter Fitzgerald. Peter is homeless, but he’s not a beggar. He explained that he works selling copies of “The Big Issue”. I had never heard of it before, so Peter explained the concept to me. Homeless individuals or those at risk of becoming homeless, head over to the magazine’s office and purchase a few copies at a certain price. They then head out and sell the magazine at the cover price. The sellers get to keep the difference. This week’s particular issue costs Peter $3 and he’s allowed to sell it for $6. He keeps the $3 profit to use for meals or for anything else he sees fit. 


Twins separated at birth?

It’s a cool program and I was happy to support it. One more note: Peter really likes Americans. He says that the USA has saved Australia’s butt several times. “If it weren’t for the USA, we might all be speaking Japanese”. Thanks, Pete.  

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