2015…a review

What a year, eh? I wanted to pick a photo for each month to share with everyone to chronicle my year. So hear it is…2015: a retrospective.


iphone pics and vids 4823
Thanks for shovelling that snow, Gay!

Our first Indiana winter was one to remember. This is our driveway after one of the winter storms. I had to drive to work through this every morning. The bad thing is, the snow plow doesn’t come down our street, and I was often the first to head off to work. That meant driving through upwards of 20 inches of snow in a Honda Civic!


Me and my Lela bug

It’s hard to believe, but this was my last trip back to Arkansas/Texas. I’ve made a resolution to take more time off and head back home more. I miss my friends and family.


Hello. My name is Elder Price

In March, Gay and I went to Chicago for a weekend and it was definitely a trip to remember. The highlight was seeing The Book of Mormon. I’m still singing “Hasa Diga Eebowai” (NSFW).


iphone pics and vids 5801
Boiler Up!

As the snow melted and the temperatures started to rise, my favorite season began, BASEBALL SEASON! We caught a Purdue baseball game, which they lost in the ninth. Oh well. It was a fun day.


Nat Gio

We’re just a few hours away from Cincinnati, so when the Nationals came to town for a weekend series, it was not to be missed. The ballpark is beautiful. The city itself is nice as well. I’m definitely heading back (hopefully this baseball season!)



June was my favorite month. So much goodness. I debated between a few pics, including a trip to Milwaukee on my birthday, but I couldn’t leave out these guys. I got the opportunity to coach “The Fezzes”, our company co-ed softball team, in two different leagues. Thanks for a fun summer, team.


Photo Jul 17, 10 22 07 AM
I love these people

Our family trip to DC was a breath of fresh air. The highlight of the trip may have been Escape Room Live DC. Thanks to Dex, Megan and Aaron. Gay and I had a blast!


Photo Aug 01, 10 33 17 PM
Look at Greg

“New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of; there’s nothing you can’t do.” Our July trip to NYC was also a high point of the year. Thanks Greg and Sara for joining us. Where do you guys wanna go next year?


Boiler Up again

We went to another baseball game in Chicago, but I decided to post a photo from our trip to Ross Ade Stadium to see the Boilermakers play Virginia Tech. Purdue was able to hang with the Hokies for a half, but Tech’s depth was too much. Fun times, though.


We wanted to see Andrew play, but no Luck.

My first NFL game! The Colts beat the Jaguars in overtime. While I can see why people like the NFL, I still prefer baseball. I wish we had a chance to see Andrew Luck, who was out injured.


A bucket list item checked off the list

Our trip to Australia was also a highlight of the year. I made new friends and learned all about the land down under. Gay and I were reminiscing about this trip the other day. We’ll definitely do some more global traveling soon.


When December rolls around, thoughts turn to the holidays.  For the second consecutive year, I missed family game night and Christmas breakfast due to work. Thankfully, Dexter was able to hook up a USTREAM feed so we were able to enjoy the festivities from afar, but this won’t happen again.  I don’t care if they fire me, I’m not missing Christmas with my family.

So there you have it. 2015 all wrapped up in a bow. Here’s to making new memories. Bring it on, 2016!

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